AAAC-Sign up here


Put me down



Fair enough. I’ll send a vet…

May 23rd. We’ll be humane about it…


Am I in ?


Yep, you were second cab off the rank.

The AAAC Rota Thread is where we keep the AAAC Rota, funnily enough. :head_bandage:


Count me in. Just not reliable.

Sound may be coming from elsewhere.


No problem Barry. May 30th for you.


Rites of (late) Spring?

Or John Clare?

Now summer cometh I with staff in hand
Will hie me to the Sabbath of her joys -
To healthy spots & the unbroken land
Of woodland heritage unknown to noise
& toil - save many a playful band
Of dancing insects that well understand
The sweets of life & with attuned voice
Sing in sweet concert to the pleasant may
There by a little bush I’ll listening rest
To hear the nightingale a lovers lay
Chaunt by his mate who builds her carless nest
Of oaken leaves on thorn stumps mossed & grey
Feeling with them I too am truly blest
By making Sabbaths of each common day

Many a playful band of dancing insects that well understand the sweets of life.
And keep us enchanted by the chaunting.

Given debates berween Clare and publishers, carless may be still more exact than careless.


I’m in but can’t remember when?


As you were.

There is a rota thread. Consulted that.


Ahem, you haven’t gotten round to adding me to the rota yet?


Me too please


June 6th is D-Day for you Olga.


You’re up for June 13th Neil, as somehow your wheels feel off for January when you had your original slot scheduled.


Tag me on the end of your list. I’ll endeavour to find something suitably annoying.


Done. You are down for February 6th.




Aww, I would have been genuinely interested in whatever you picked out. (Strangely for this forum, I intend no sarcasm, I’m actually interested).


So would I have been; genuinely :slightly_frowning_face:


ok add me then.


You do realise, @Sheva, that it’s going to have to be a pretty damned impressive choice now, though :blush: