AAAC Volume 1

Post your choice on the Friday previous before your allocated date please. A reminder by PM may be provided if I can be arsed or if I am able to remember to do it.

Nov 1st - htm_1968 Brian Jonestown - Massacre Third World Pyramid
Nov 8th - MJ2 Rival Sons - Pressure and Time
Nov 15th - loo Wire - Chairs Missing
Nov 22nd - Ijrussell Tony Childs - Union
Nov 29th - octh Ross Ainslie and Jorlath Henderson - Airfix
Dec 6th - OzzyOzzyOzzyOiOiOi IQ - The Road of Bones
Dec 13th - Stu Mansun - Attack of the grey lantern
Dec 20th - Gyroscope Manus - Where Neon Goes To Die
Dec 27th - Aye right, fuck off, it is Christmas.
Jan 3rd - Amdismal Godár - Mater
Jan 10th - Cobbler Sam Lee and Friends - The Fade in Time
Jan 17th - NAM forgot his turn
Jan 24th - Stepmotheratomicbomb Melanie De Basio - No Deal
Jan 31st - Brystonian forgot his turn
Feb 7th - LeonardSmalls Headless Torsos - Amandala
Feb 14th - Wayward Various Artists - Angola Soundtrack Vol 2
Feb 21st - edd9000 Various Artists - Valerie and Friends
Feb 28th - notaclue Arthur Verocai - Arthur Verocai
Mar 7th - browellm forgot his turn
Mar 14th - pmac Various Artists - Brazil Bossa Beat
Mar 21st - Jim Brandt Brauer Frick- You make me realise
Mar 28th - TMC Wax Tailor - Dusty Rainbow From The Dark
April 4th - UnclePuncle Mercury Rev - Yerself Is Steam
April 11th - Myrman Morphine - Good
April 18th - browellm Shearwater - Rook
April 25th - Mr Kettle Zemlinsky - Lyric Symphony
May 2nd - Catcando The SubDudes - Behind The Levee
May 9th - A Touch of Cloth Fila Brazillia - Maim that Tune
May 16th - The biglebowski Secret Machines - Now Here Is Nowhere
May 23rd - Cobbler Richard Youngs - Sapphie
May 30th - B2T Yo Yo Mas Chris Thile Edgar Meyer - Bach Trios
June 6th - Olga Irma Thomas - I Wish Someone Would Care
June 13th -NAM The Wounded Kings - Visions in Bone

Rota updated.

I was on the last one, but not this one??

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We had a bit of a fire in the kitchen which deleted the original AAAC, followed by an antipodean flounce which left me in ‘organising’ this version. I’ll add you to this one for the first slot in May.

How come Pete (Cobbler) is down for next week when he had a go in January?

Please add me to the rota :thumbsup:

Either he is lucky, or the bloke organising the rota is corrupt (Bribes by PayPal gift please) or fucking incompetent.:sunglasses:

Look on the bright side, it is not @OzzyOzzyOzzyOiOiOi :scream: and a 27 hour prog wank marathon (although Pete might unleash the prog if he so chooses :cold_sweat:)

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You’re already down for June 13th.

Just for that, I’m sure I can find another Guilt Machine-esque piece of beauty.