AAAC Volume 4 Rota

I think it’s only one week we need to fill :grinning:


I have two responses:

  1. :scream:
  2. Feck off out of it.
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I’m a little confused, but I’m sure you are both cunts :thinking:

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Probably an age related issue.


Probably :unamused:

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First thing you’ve gotten right for ages :smile:

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To be fair, it’s pretty obvious :smirk:

Meh! Lentil slurping salad munchers can get to feck.


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That’ll be a first for you Terry.

Meh! Obvious cunt is obvious. (and South Stayan).

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Yellow fuckers can get to fuck :woozy_face:

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Ooooooooh, get you with the passive aggression :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

AAAC1 - Dinosaur Jr
AAAC2 - Mercury Rev
AAAC3 - Chvrches
AAAC - David Ramirez

Unless you consider Lauren Mayberry to be a soppy girl there isn’t much there to back up your statement.

Still, why let the truth get in the way of you being a massive bellend - same old, same old.:roll_eyes:

Hah hah, touched a nerve did we :smile:

It is @edd9000’s go this week. I expect that the excitement surrounding his luminous green (and in no way yellow) crocs has delayed this week’s nomination for the AAAC as he responded to my reminder…


Good things are worth waiting for etc etc.

They are mighty fine crocs.

Once seen, never forgotten

Might be a bit of a hiatus coming as next cab off the rank is @B2T and then @ICHM both of whom appear to be MIA (Meatmen In Absentia obviously) at this point in time. I’ll send out reminders but we may not have an AAAC for a while.