Abattoir ambulance needed

Not sure best place to post this,
Need an ambulance for a pair of speakers (not too big) from Portsmouth to get them closer to me in Chesterfield.
They are in need of restoration and I was going to have a go at a refoam.
Can anyone help?

If you can’t find a hearse soon I can collect and hold them here for a while but I rarely travel now so am unlikely to be heading north of winchester any time soon.

For what it’s worth Oct 1st will be Audiojumble and Oct 21st/22nd will be both the HiFi News show in Old Windsor and the other place’s do in Harrogate. I realise that the first two are nowhere near either Portsmouth or Chesterfield but hifi people might be travelling to and from them.


If that’s the audiojumble in Kent then Robin (wizmax) on the Wam always goes and lives on Hayling Island, absolutely top bloke and always willing to help.

Tim I can help with a leg from Worcester to Chesterfield if someone else can get them reasonably close to me.

I’m near Wellington (Taunton - Somerset) this weekend, but the car will be full of us and a tent and BACON, so unless they are small bookshelfs i’m unlikely to be able to help i’m afraid.

thanks rob, but they are medium sizes bookshelf sizes, so I reckon you’ll be struggling for space.

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if anyone can do anything from biglebowski to anywhere near Worchester?

Contact gintonic aka Phileas Fucking Fogg.

That bugger has been right round the country… sure to be on a train getting pissed near you soon … :slight_smile:


Dropping them off at mine near Coventry or at work in Birmingham is an option. I’m at a couple of bakeoffs up North in the next month or so.

Sorry guys
Got this address wrong, the pick up is in Plymouth not Portsmouth
Anyone close the Plymouth?

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Yes doughnut is right.

I’ll be heading up to Gloucester at some point to visit my brother, though it won’t be for a couple of weeks at least. Thats 42km south of Worchester, apparently. I’m 25 miles north of Plymouth, though I’m away over the next week, but perhaps Stu could grab them, and then I hook up with him at some point?

A potential plan, though not one that’s likely to get them to you before the end of the month.

I could drop down to Glos to collect.

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Hi Nick and Wayne,
No rush to get them, they are going to need a full refurbishment so they will be a work in progress anyway.
Stu has offered to pick up for me so that will start the process.
thanks for your help.

I now have the speakers in the car.

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Brilliant thanks Stu
Next step is to try and get them closer to me.
Anyone coming up country who could help?

Nobody able to help get these up the country?

If someone can get them close to Worcester I can get them the rest of the way.