Abattoir ambulance needed

Is anyone able to help with next step of the journey from Stu up north?

How big are they? I’m heading to Burnham on sea next week, could fit something in the boot.

They are medium sized I would say.
They are JPW AP3’s

They should fit then.

@stu or @murrayjohnson any plans to be holidaying in Weston or Burnham way next week?

Nothing on the horizon.

I suppose it needs someone in that area to help them get a bit higher up the country.

I quite often get to Bristol or London,but nothing planned for the moment.

Jetsetter. :slight_smile:

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Ay up
Just thought a quick reminder to all if anyone is going anywhere near Stu for a pick up of these speakers to try and get them on their way up country that would be good.

Offer still stands.

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Why the hell would you do that??

I quite like Bristol

It’s ok I spose.
I’d be happy to move away tho.