Abattoir Mafia night out

Starting with…


Is that the place near Kings Cross? Looks nice.

I googled it. Unless there’s another venue with identical speakers, it is.

Are you suggesting a jolly night out? I’m in if you’ll have me.

Yep, do join us. Get your arse down here quick. Wear a yellow carnation.

Who’s there? How many other punters?

Will they play your Fuck Buttons CD very loud & if not why not?

@coco @Wayward yep, it’s pretty busy.

Ask if they will play the birdie song,tell them you use it when demoing quality hi fi.

So near yet so far :angry:

Shame… I just passed nearby, I coulda joined you. I’ve been meaning to check that place out for a while.

I drove past it yesterday, damn.

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if we’d have known… its only 20 odd minutes away on the fast train…

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Do they have Toes on tap? :slight_smile:

A bit of notice would’ve been nice…I could have come…


More notice dammit!

Have a good time guys.

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Sorry chaps, didn’t reliase That London was so popular. Will give a bit more notice next time.

Need a lot of time for the pigeon to reach Northampton :smiley:

Can you get in without beards and tweed?

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Even I could have popped in after work :pensive:

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Well we’re in the red dog saloon in Hoxton. Thinking about a Devastator…


I was in the Green man off Euston rd till 9 pm I had my kids with me though so couldn’t stay out longer😰

Take the challenge

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