Active speakers question

I know nothing about these, so, does anybody know of, or can recommend a set of reasonable quality active speakers with the following’ish spec -

Standmount, to be used in a small room.
Good with Rock, non noodly Jazz etc.
Only really need analogue inputs but no issues with digital too.
Doesn’t need wireless or DSP etc but, again, if they have, that’s fine.
Used or new.

Budget - to about £500’ish.

Thanks for your help.

Speak with @murrayjohnson I have a pair of these at home - They are a nice bargain.


:thinking: Thanks, they do look interesting.

Maybe some small studio monitors, they are priced singly.

A friend who makes music was raving about these but a bit over budget.

Just one thing, those are ‘powered’ rather than active, in that they don’t have active 2-way crossovers (with 4x amplifier channels).
Wether that makes a difference for Mike’s application is another matter.

Yes, I noticed that, too. I’m not really sure what I need, other than the best sound for that budget’ish, as I will be using them as my main speakers for a while.

Are these for your main system?

£500 is going to be tough.

These are about the cheapest I could find that might be worth a try:

Yes, they will be, for a while. Going to need to downsize my kit in the near future, unfortunately.

Mike, got my ATC SCM10 & Target R4 Stands sitting here doing nothing, along with a Cambridge A5 if you need something to tide you over?


Current speakers + Sonos AMP?

Actually, that’s not a great idea with analogue sources. As you were.

Thanks Rob, that’s really very kind of you. I’d rather see what I can come up with first, before putting anybody out borrowing kit, if that’s OK ?

No worries, just let me know, certainly not going to be used anytime soon so just sitting around gathering dust!

I’ve had some of these. Ok in a small room, bass light for my taste though so worth adding a cheap sub.

If you can wait, and find a pair of HHB Circle 5A they are very good active monitors that have more of a hifi sound, being built by Harbeth a few years back. I had the passive ones, an easier listen than the AVI.
Should come in around £400.

Pair of APS Coax, amongst others here, - good place to look for studio related stuff.

I was quite impressed with these when I owned a pair a couple of years ago.


At that price, another shout for the Avi ADMs off eBay. Analogue and digital inputs, built in pre, remote control. Sound signature is quite similar to ATC stand mounts.

Edit to add. With most actives, particularly the studio types, you’re going to need a pre.

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They do look good but they’re in Brighton, I’m in Luton and we’re in “lockdown”, so not practical.

Ah right, didn’t realise they were collection only. Shame as they’ll probably go for well within budget.
If you’re familiar with ATC’s and like the sound, it might be worth asking on the Avi fb page - they get advertised on there every now and then.

These also look like they’re worth a look.

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The Dynaudio Contour 110A would be ideal if you could find a pair.

No idea if this is an ancient ad or new - HiFishark says they were listed on 29th Dec.

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I used to have the passive version of those, lovely little speakers that thrived on power. I bet the active version is very good. Mine needed quite a bit of room behind them for such a small speaker, 50cm minimum.