Adding a record player

I have no interest in going vinyl, as it’s way too late and the format doesn’t suit my clumsy and impatient clown hands…

But I feel I should have one to take advantage of the stuff I pick up or get given, and friends collections.

I’m mystified by the subject and wouldn’t know a snake oil deck from a “rare, vintage” classic. As for a phono stage, I know more about knitting…

So if anyone could point me to a set up that isn’t amusing, but isn’t ostentatiously expensive, I’m game. Money isn’t the main parameter, but value and some appretiation it’s very much a tag on, is! Used is fine. Durable and decent is good.

Too cheap and I will have shame, and too expensive and I will be sad. I won’t go vinyl, but I will grab any I see languishing or gifted. I just need some pointers.

And then I have to convince the wife it can go in the lounge. So this is as much scoping as it is reality!

I would go about getting permission before you get carried away with turntable porn suggestions :grimacing:.

Also you really do need a budget for deck, arm, cart and phono stage otherwise things will quickly spiral out of control. This would be daft for just occasional use but doesn’t stop it from happening though :slightly_smiling_face:.

Happening here!

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Yeah one day it’s ‘quite fancy a record player’, and then all of a sudden you’ve got this £15k vinyl front end sat there…


Nah, that’s just fantasy. After all, who would go that mad on a vinyl system?


Do you really want names?! :grinning:.

Actually it should be a confessional.

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Seems reasonable. I take it you mean deck, arm and cartridge and phonostage only?


Not quite so high a price for me but I’m only part way there putting this together and have my heart set on certain pieces that, for me, are pricey. Don’t like to add it all up as each time I buy something the whole budget gets blown on one component and then it’s waiting for the next one.

I know of only one person who has gone back to a basic turntable and MM cart from some real analogue erotica and is enjoying his music just as much and that is Gthang, occassional visitor to this parish.

I think he has a Audio Technica TT but I can’t remember the model.

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Tell us more!

Two TTs in hand made plinths with 7 arms and loads of carts including Io and SPU and dedicated Mono carts etc.

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And it sounds great :+1:

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Not spent anywhere near that but I fit the sentiment.

Just do it, you know you want to :wink:

Then make sure you budget for a Record Cleaning Machine

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I was picking up more on the word erotica used rather than exotica but regardless, wow that is quite a change!

This is another pain as when looking at these I want a fairly nice one, and these are pricey also.

There will be no new shiny plastic used on it. Just second hand stuff and guest spins.

I’m certain I don’t want to make records my first line of use. Positive. History and experience says I won’t use it much. This is absolutely a thing for people who lend me stuff. Or charity shop finds.
Budget? I can’t set one as I have no idea what I need.
Hoping one of you knows someone with too much kit and I can get a decent deal on something quality, but not pay for bragging rights.

As I forget to mention arms and heads. That’s like the dark web for me. Unknown.

Analogy: Ford Escort is best in class for ride and value. And some could argue engine etc. You can buy cheaper but it’s flimsy, and you can go better but you just get some extras and refinements. I’m after a solid performer we won’t sound shite. But I won’t cry if I break it!

AT-LP5 and you can buy them in John Lewis, along with a slightly cheaper Audio Technica model.

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