Aesthetix Pandora DAC - What is a fair price? - And relax....ahh

Looking for an idea of a fair price for an early Pandora (standard level)

They very rarely come up as far as I know. I think I saw one go for £2k previously. That was a little while ago in the fast moving world of dacs. Do they do dsd? I wouldnt want to pay more than £1,500 - £1,750.

Will there be a new model soon?

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Depending on age something in the region of £2 - £2.5 might be about right. There are so many variants of the DAC that pricing them can be hard.

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Yeah, I’m probably in Bob valuation mode. :laughing:

They seem to be 7K new for base model, I might have bought one at 3K but not paid yet.

Edit: an old one not a new one for 3k

You need a Signature or Eclipse for DSD so spendy.

which one do you have again?

Has it got the volume option? Definitely a bonus if so as it’s a £1200 option so should add some resale value even if you never use it. Certainly handy if you ever want to use direct with a power amp.

£3k is about the top price for a Pandora, they’re so rare that I nearly bought one from the US and was going to get it converted by the UK dealer until he said he had a Romulus demo I could buy.

If you can get it for £2.5k that would be fair but TBH even at £3k I’d still consider one.

It beats the AN 2.1x Sig which is around £2.5k secondhand by a country mile.

Can’t remember exactly. It has all sorts of extra foo in it. I would need to find the box, paperwork and manual in the loft. I know it doesn’t have a volume control if that helps… :grin:

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Any chance you or a mod could decapitalise the title, please. OCD reasons. Cheers.

That’s interesting as that was the other DAC that I have saved searches for, the Pandora is the first to come up in a long while.

I’m SuRe SomEOnE WilL bE abLe tO AcComMoDatE tHaT


I’ve had two AN 2.1x Sig DACs and the Pandora/Romulus is so much better, the Romulus will be staying as I doubt if I can find (or afford) something to better it.

As far as I know misuse of capital letters is a rare OCD trigger. :grinning:

No volume control unfortunately or unicorn tears.

It looks like this inside.

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Is it as good as a DAC as a CD player? How do you mostly use it?


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I only use it as a DAC haven’t really used it as a CDP and don’t really have a ref as I haven’t had a CDP for around 10 years.