Air shows


Only Good in a straight line though, they should focus their efforts on hover boards😀


Wizzair’s latest flyby over Budapest.


Awesome day today if you were in London



The electrics will pack up…


Managed to see the whole flypast during my lunch hour. Nice spot middle of the Mall.

It was a sight especially the 22 Typhoons forming the 100 formation.


Was there any cold war era stuff? Hunters etc?



Sadly not. Although a number of flying examples of Aircraft from that period it appears only those aircraft maintained by the RAF are allowed to fly over central London. Hence the Lancaster etc. The nearest Cold War aircraft is perhaps the KC135 based on 707 airliner but with modern avionics and of course the Hercules.

Real shame no flying examples of the Lightning or Phantom in the UK nor any V Bombers although a few of the later which can do ground runs.


Shame, it was such a rich period of innovation. It would have been amazing to see a V Force trio escorted by Lightnings :heart_eyes:

I understand that it’s a low priority, but it’s a shame we can’t make the resources available to maintain a historic Squadron that represents every era of the RAF.


The RC135 Rivet Joint aircraft we bought from the US all first flew in 1964!
I watched the Tucano’s take off outside my office at lunchtime, they only seem to need 100m of runway.


Went up to town for the celebrations today atmosphere on the Mall was amazing glad I went
Now getting set for annual pilgrimage to RIAT this coming weekend.