All the DACs

I’ve lost my old “here’s the DAC I fancy this week” thread, so …

I’m having one of these if it comes in around £600. North of a grand, not so much.

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Nice that a “fully balanced” DAC only has RCA outputs.


Can’t remember the name of the connector.

edit: on reflection, it’s probably one of those 4.4mm jacks and maybe it doesn’t have a specific name :thinking:

Try borrowing an exogal comet (ex wadia bods) - the interface is awful and it’s basically a metal block that plays wonderful music at three times the price used. Would recommend

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The Holo May DAC was flavour of the month when it came out last year but haven’t heard it.

It would take quite a serious DAC to get me away from the Aesthetix though.

$4k for the base model. Bold.


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That was it, cheers.

I’ve seen them on Senns and a couple of other headphone brands, but a quick & lazy Google didn’t give me an answer.

“EarMen Tradutto is a piece-of-art device”

I’m in.

We’ll put the earphone jack round the back, because Fuck You is why.


This is very correct.

I’m not sure that a DAC really makes much sense without a streaming front end does it? Or are the manufacturers still keen on selling loads of boxes?

Rhetorical question is rhetorical.


See Maureens ‘mono’ dac in the secondhand shiny thread…

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Looks like that’ll be around £700 then.

Ask them to remove the tax from the price because you’ll get stung on import as well and good fucking luck getting that back off HMRC.

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Richard at Audiologica stocks the brand so I would intend to buy from him if and when it’s available.

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not sure what that’s giving over my Topping D50s except the balanced output but I don’t have an amp for that anyway.

Besides I think I want an RME

Agreed, other than superficial build differences you’d have to do something hasty like actually listening to them to differentiate.

Which RME are you looking at?

My friend has this one, and he has a Chord 2 Qute, and had my Chord Hugo 2, and prefers it to both.