All the Football (Part 2)

Not like that. It’s just somebody else’s home kit isn’t it?

You don’t dick about with that

Who? AC have have had better red and black striped kits but still looks vaguely like their home colours?

Vaguely = yes it’s shite

Hoddle: there’s nothing at all between these teams


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haha. Milan have missed about 5 golden chances.

There is your mistake… you forgot to call him a cunt.

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Not a brilliant performance but a good result for us away against Milan.


Lol, one single shot in the first half by Belgrade




Sigh, such a shit penalty given in the PSG game

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Mildly relieved.

Is anyone watching The Battering of PSV?

Nope, been watching Blackburn 1-3 Sunderland.


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Sunderland’s third goal was very impressive. Clarke looks like quite a player.

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Lots of talk about him leaving before the window ended but we managed to keep him.

Jobe Bellingham is ridiculously good for a 17 year old.

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Can’t see either of Bayern or Utd getting anywhere close to winning the CL this season. Sloppy & porous, both of them.

He’s also 20 as well.

Who is?

Jack Clarke is 22 and Jobe Bellingham is 17


My eyes.
I read Jude.


Keep watching, Jobe will be a star

This Brighton game is great fun.

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