All the Football (Part 2)

Quite a header that….

Totally agree with your comments about the quality of the football and shitehousery too.

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Paywall, but the headline says it all.

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Another wet night at Home Park

You will enjoy it Mars !


Tricky game.
Draw would be a decent result

Sickener to concede that late but fair result on balance of play. Coventry looked very good in the first half and we had the better of the second.


We were absolute shite. Not just ordinary shite but post vindaloo shite.

Gone backwards massively since last season, no chance of making the play offs and I can see us fighting relegation next season if they don’t change their utterly ridiculous financial self-sustainability plan.

The carpetbaggers will be found out.

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Hopefully, though ( and my club is all about sustainability and balancing the books ) if your club continues with how they are run and focusing on youth when FFP really kicks in you’ll be at a huge advantage to nearly every club in the division.
Let’s hope the authorities get serious about it.

Big win that. We did not have a fun time against Brentford last season.

These injuries though :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


Endo, the blokes a ninja, really taking to his no nonsense approach. Usually a safe bet for a yellow card if there are any shenanagins from the opposition.

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Hardly surprising, those defenders are 140 miles away

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Don’t know if Chelsea are going to get battered 4-0 or put a great performance in and nick a draw.

Nkunku needs a run of games without getting injured.

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Phillips sent off v Forest. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Southgate will see it as a big plus. Keeps him fresh.


I see it as a big plus coz now he’s suspended. :grin:


Win for Villa but 3 ACL injuries this season and not an awful lot of depth, gonna be a tough run in.

Moyes, get in the sea.


Chelsea schooling City.:joy: