All the Football (Part 2)

In that vein…

Zeus B. Held (to a 3-3 draw):

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Having kids of a CBeebies age, Gakpo makes me think of this.

I feel a little bit worried.

It would be an absolute tragedy if Man City (115 charges of financial irregularity) were to miss out on the title this season.

Cracking game for the neutral.

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I want them to keep winning it. It’s meaningless.


Ffs spurs,I’ve got 20p on this

City are very pleasing on the eye.

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Champions league for villa
Surely manager of the year

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City, the Arse, Liverpool, Aston Villa off to Europe then.

Spurs are just weird. There was a 4th spot up for grabs, and I’m putting aside my disdain for FC115 here.

What a tinpot set of cunts Spurs are. Best stadium in the land by far, should be competing for a CL place every year and being at the top table of European football and yet they start singing “Are you watching Arsenal?” when they’re 2 down because it stops Arsenal winning the league. Arsenal haven’t won it in 20 years, they’ve had plenty of opportunity to sort their own shit out in that time.



Fine strike by Amad

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Champions again :four_leaf_clover: :green_heart:



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Where is that?

Southampton tonight

Is that Matt Le Tissier giving Sunak a dirty look?