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Interesting quote from Klopp on that Mané penalty, he said he felt partly responsible as he told Sadio to do something different to his normal routine.

It’s part of what makes Klopp likeable. Immediately takes responsibility away from the player & onto himself.


My favourite ever tweet about Mark Noble. Admittedly not selecting from a large pool.

Come on you cockney, knees-up mother brown twats.




Looks like the title may be won on goal difference

WoooooHoooooo 2-0 … So that will no doublt end up 2-6

Rope-a-dope classic.

Decent effort from The Hammers today.

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Unlucky sending off.

Well done Chelsea Women, beat Man City 3-2 in the FA Cup Final.

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Except it was one of the most obvious red cards you’re likely to see.

Some nice football by both sides

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Even though I can’t envisage Everton getting any more points this season I think 36 will be enough because I can’t see Leeds getting anything from a final away game at Brentford. Leeds will go down. Burnley may scramble a point or two more.


Burnley away to villa and home to Newcastle
If they can get a point from either of those two they stay up on gd if Leeds lose at Brentford

Leave Rondon alone. That is his first contribution of note since he joined the club. He is clearly superb.


I thought you weren’t drinking


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Huffing the copium here, but I reckon that City result was just about the best thing possible.

Losing the title to them on goal difference would have been unbearable :smiley: