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Andy Robertson must be worth about £250m

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That’s not all, we have bid £70m for Fofana. :flushed:

The one who’s injured a lot?

Saw him at St James’ last season and he was good, but £60M does seem ridiculous. What happens to Chilwell now? Although I wouldn’t put it passed them to pay that £60M to keep him on the bench and play Chilwell🤣!
FFP does not seem to exist for Chelsea.

And Aubameyang? :flushed:

Alonso could still play football last time I looked, as well.

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He is off to Barca I think.

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Prices do seem a bit crazy.

Ya fucking think!?!

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Fulham played a great game today. Pereira and Paulinha in midfield never let us settle and Mitrovic was excellent.

Despite a sketchy game a couple of positives for us. Elliot’s link up play with Salah is a constant feature and he’ll be starting the next few with Thiago injured again. Nunez is going to be a complete menace being fed by Salah and Diaz.

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Will be interesting to see if Mitrovic can score as freely this time round.

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Villa, weak and fucking useless today.

Agreed , however it was just this type of fixture , first half performance and result that bled us points last season

I know but what can you do? We’re playing in an era where you consistently get 90+ points a season and don’t win the title. That is not normal.

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Strange yet tru.

Magump doing well again.
Eric Ten Minutes has a proper job on if he wants to stay longer.

I can see the queues of players wanting to join out the window. Along with FdJ running in the opposite direction.

Maybe an opening day blip? That’s the best I can manage. And those collars :see_no_evil:.

(Still loving the new HDR picture).

We’re somehow starting the new season, against the champions with a worse team than we finished last season with. Unfuckingbelieveable. Except it isn’t. Cunts.

A bench of pure effluent too! :rofl:

0-4 Haaland hat trick

What a player. Scored 2. More to come.