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I’ve never seen him play other than last Saturday in the community shield

Was impressive wasn’t he? The game was so one sided it was boring.

I didn’t see it as got rid of sky/by a couple of years ago.
All the reports say he is a bit good



Fucking mahoosive specimen too…

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Not too dure about 5 subs malarkey. Is it just this season or is it now a thing?

Seems just to help the richer clubs.

Only followed the football on tinternet. Hopefully City’s new setup does alright. Seems funny having a big centre forward. Thought Jesus was good, but didn get enough games.

As a fan I find myself curiously conflicted with our window this time around , Nunez is without doubt a Stella forward who also has an excellent assist record … However for my part I would have preferred Harland for less money , too many games last season where we scored buckets against the less talented teams yet too many 0 scores against the teams that mattered … I think Harland would have delivered in those games for us had we signed him.

Why are you wasting your time wishing after players that wouldn’t be signing for us? This isn’t FIFA22.


I think the Haaland deal is a bit more expensive than reported.

Liverpool’s new striker should be bloody good. Shame Mane went.

Haaland and Nunez first games in the league and both looked comfortable. Great to have them in the league.

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Agreed. Haaland’s second yesterday was a thing of beauty. WHU tentatively moved the bus for the first time in the match. Vision from KDB but then the anticipation, tiny delay/angle of Haaland’s run to stay on side, the acceleration, then the finish was poetry in motion. Football on a higher plain, got to love it when it’s played like that. :raised_hands:


It is if you’re Pep :smile:

‘Your club has been taken over, here’s a billion quid to spunk on whatever players you fancy. Just try to do a better job than United, it shouldn’t be hard…’


Oh that particular ship sailed many weeks back when we declared that we didn’t have the cash to meet the asking fee for Haaland then miraculously we found several million £ extra down the back of the sofa for Nunez.

I would have liked to have signed Haaland as much to have deprived MC of his 25+ goals this season.

But yes what’s done is done.

Didn’t Harland’s Dad play for City? That might have had some influence and of course his wages.

The flag that Athletic Club Bilbao presented to us in pre-season on display on Saturday:

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I don’t think you get it. Haaland was only ever going to Madrid, or the oil-state owned club his father played for. It’s really that simple. We didn’t “declare” anything.

Our net spend this summer is less than £5m

Aye, always City it seems. Fuck him. Just wait until Chris Wood is warmed up…

I think it was mostly money. For his dad and agent as well.

Yes 5 or six appearances or Sumat like that

38 over 2 seasons