All weather tyres

Anyone tried Michelin Cross climate tyres… Any good?

EVO tested them out, they certainly seem ideal for the UK.

Having just bought 4 Goodyear Eagles. I’m going to stick my fingers in my ears and pretend they’re not there.

Ah cheers thanks for that, my gf’s Merc needs new rears, and thinking of putting these on might give us at least one car that might be able to move in the snow… lol.

You need chains not tyres.
Expecting a tyre to make any difference to a heavy rear wheel drive car in the snow is like expecting a cable to fix a bass boom problem. photo closeshave.gif


No worries.

A few times I’ve not even been able to get my rwd car (with no lsd) off the drive in winter.

On the contrary, winter tyres make a massive difference. With my friend’s M3, he couldn’t get it of the drive in snow. With winter tyres no problem.


In that case, do you have a cable to fix my bass boom?


I have a special cable made of string which will definitely fix your bass boom. Probably not in the way you intended, though. :smiley:

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That’s been my experience too. But they do have to be winter tyres. The ones described as “all weather” or “all season” are neither fish nor fowl.

Good point, yes I was referring to winter tyres

Agree with what’s been said above, the only chance of getting a RWD car anywhere in the snow would be proper winter tyres or chains (or on the back of a recovery truck).

In deeper snow the other problem is snow packing between wheel and arch. Merc and BMW used to bother about such things ten years ago when they designed their cars but given the numbers that get recovered according to a friend of mine in the business, I don’t think they do anymore.

If it’s deep enough snow for chains, I’m not going out anywhere in a car.


What fool drives a 4x4 in summer tyres :joy:

I take the summer / winter car approach.

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Now the next question is will we get snow in the Sarf this winter?? :roll_eyes:

Are Michelin Cross Climate winter tyres?

Would a Suzuki Jimny benefit from Michelin Cross Climate tyres?

Only if they were put in the cabin and set on fire.