All your science in here


£50k on CDs, have you got room to store 50,000 CDs?


Wheye aye. Going to 3d print a house for them in the permafrost!

Science… it is fucking everywhere…and nowhere.


Science fiction and hoaxing of the very first order :grinning:


Fill yer boots Olan



Wow - how to grow a blond wig…:stuck_out_tongue:


Could be well handy for a few round here :joy:


The sudden application of a relatively small excess pressure over a relatively large area is often more exciting than people expect



I daresay his eardrums are somewhat bolloxed.


Is that the sciency word for it?




There was a gang round here blowing up stand alone ATMs using the gas canisters from sodastreams. Here is a pic of the one outside my local chip shop




Big solar flare this week

Leading to some spectacular displays:


Been keeping my fingers crossed for a clear night but only cloud and rain for the last couple :frowning_face:


Playing the didgeridoo has been shown to reduce the amount you snore. Cats actually are liquid and other weird and wonderful work honoured at the Ig Nobel awards.



“The poor Babel fish, by effectively removing all barriers to communication between different cultures and races, has caused more and bloodier wars than anything else in the history of creation.”

I love Douglas Adams :cry:



A delightful talk by one of the recent Nobel prizewinners for Chemistry. It takes great intelligence and profound knowledge to make something so complex accessible.