All your science in here

Could come in handy when it’s @OzzyOzzyOzzyOiOiOi’s turn to play his records at Lopwell



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Guy has a CD Player that does that :grinning:


Damn you “taste chips” :angry:

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The universe is 14 billion years old and we can see events 13 billion light years away. How’s that then?

What we’re seeing when we look at the most distant objects are events that happened a long time ago. This isn’t my field, but I believe that it’s actually easier to be sure about how long ago those events happened than it is to be sure about how far away the objects were then and how far away they are now. The BBC tells me, towards the bottom of this page, that the oldest light we can see is 13.8bn years old. Since the speed of light is always constant (hang onto that, it’s one of very few things we are almost certain is true) we might conclude that the object which emitted that light was already 13.8bn light years away shortly after the big bang. There’s the conundrum. Since the earth and the object were on top of one another at the big bang, how did they get so far apart in such a short time ? The answer seems to be that the objects are not moving apart through space. It’s the space itself which is expanding. There doesn’t seem to be a no-faster-than-the-speed-of-light limit on that.



I have not required any glue to have my mind blown today - Merci

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Science in acting. What do our resident thesps say?

Looking forward to getting ToC’s take on this. His Twankey at the Redcar Empire was allegedly ‘a triumph’.


Oh no it wasn’t!


Careful, (s)he’s behind you!

My take on the Widow T was and still is a bellwether on how to craft a Comedy Dame.

I’ve seen some ‘actors’ who are so wooden that they should come with an advisory fire risk. :slight_smile:



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And I thought Quad ESLs had a tiny sweet spot…

Do not let @ichm have the volume control or we will all look like this.

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Enjoying this.

One of my customers has named a beetle after me.
Really chuffed with that.

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