All your science in here

Beautifully clear here last night, just a small smudge through x20 binoculars. Sounds like it may brighten over the next couple of weeks, just in time for the Moon to pop up and ensure it remains a smudge!

You never know though, best of luck peering through the fog!

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Mind was sent into overdrive this morning whilst on way to a little job.

Thing on Radio 4 about 9am discussing superconductors and all the associated fucking weirdness thereof.

They behave like an atom. An actual atom. Insanity.

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I realise I haven’t really sold it in the description above :slight_smile:

How is your understanding of the Bardeen-Cooper-Schrieffer theory after listening to that?

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Ha! Did you listen to it too?

Regularly appeared at Hartlepool Town Hall in the fifties, usually supported by Wilson, Kepple and Betty.


I didn’t realise 3-man tag teams were a thing back then

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Nah, Graeme mentioned it in the what are you watching thread. Might have a listen on Sounds, quite enjoy it when Bragg can’t disguise his bafflement.

#Freeman Hardy Willis have got your shoes…

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One guy had a go at explaining it, in a qualitative way (negative electrons moving through a slightly flexible lattice of positive ions, each electron draws some positive charge towards itself and that clump of positive charge attracts other electrons - so two electrons can be drawn to the same place and will appear to have ‘paired up’ as long as everything’s cold enough that thermal vibrations don’t jostle them apart).

I think Bragg’s response consisted of the two words “Oh, God” :confounded:.


Fuller, Smith and Turner for the win

Yeah. That’s kinda what I was alluding to. :slight_smile:

Old people are mutants!