Allnic Audio H-1201 Phono Stage

My Allnic Audio H-1201 phono stage is surplus top requirements following an upgrade. This is an MC/MM stage purchased from Richard Morrris of Lotus Hi-Fi in June 2016. The unit is in excellent condition having been checked by the dealer in May 2017.

Price is £1100 delivered in the UK.

The dimensions are given as 310mm (~12.3 inches) x 230mm (~9.1 inches) x 140mm (~5.6 inches) (WxDxH). I neglected to mention that I will supply the unit with a spare and unused NOS Mullard E180CC valve


Want. Alas bad timing for me with question marks hanging over my job. Won’t be around for long at that price.

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Thanks Gareth. I got the H-1500 at a really good price so this can go at a similar level.



Phew. Temptation removed.

and reinstalled…

WTF? Unsold? Surely an administrative error?

…arranges to sell kidney…

Refund issued to buyer. This is available again.

Sold now. Staying with the Abattoir too. :grin:

Happy Days.