Alloy refurb

Finally got a few spare quids together to have my alloys refurbed. I have been scraping them up and down @Jim’s curbs and generally abusing them for six years. I plan to sell the car next year but thought it was high time to get them sorted now.

I found someone willing to do all 4 for just £200. I’ve had quotes of nearly £600 for ‘diamond cut’ alloys. Even if it’s not the greatest job in the world, they’ve certainly been tidied up.

Hope you like the before and after shots - a bit like slimming photos where they completely change the lighting, makeup and clothes. :smiley:


VTA looks high


Don’t go to Ilford again before you sell it :+1:

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Enjoy your ban.


Bloody hell, imagine how shit the passenger side wheels were :smile:

BMW haven’t helped you with the shape of the alloys and the tyre profile though have they.

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I’d do mine but that’s more than the car is worth :rofl:

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How did you manage while they were being done? I ended up buying a cheap set of wheels as I didn’t want the car on jacks for 3 weeks.

Took him 5 hours :joy:

Bloody hell :+1:

Looks a nice job, especially at that price. :+1:

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Nice job! Reminds me, must get two of the Mondy’s done at the very handy place right round the corner from work that I have managed to not visit for six months…

I think there are better jobs than can be done, but for a lot more money. I’ll have to steer clear of the car washes that use the acid-based wheel cleaner.

nice, but surely they’ll need doing again, just before you sell.

Yeah, possibly. They really were shocking though, needed doing.