Amp & speakers wanted

A somewhat impecunious friend of mine has asked me to help him buy a stereo (amp/speakers/turntable). I can give him a turntable and cartridge and all the cables but I’m after an integrated amplifier with built-in phono stage and a pair of speakers that’d work well with it. Speakers would have to be stand or reasonably compact floor and not need to be more than a foot or two out from the wall. Budget for both is max £400, ideally less; clearly cosmetic condition is not a factor. The room is about 25sqm.
There’s a fairly limited market for hifi round here so I wonder if I could ask the abattoirists? Has anyone got some cheap & cheerful kit lying around that they’d like to move on please? One consideration - I’m not in the UK so I’d organise a courier to pick up the equipment. Naturally I’ll cover the seller’s time & costs for packing the stuff up etc.

I can help you out with the speakers, Triangle Titus TZX standmounts, front ported so can be reasonably close to a wall. I’ve got the original packaging too, so might survive a courier…

£120 sound ok?