An absence of cars

Genuinely tempted to go down from a two to a one car household. Mrs needs one as she is a 40min commute. But I can walk to work in an hour, cycle/run quicker but then I have to factor a shower in before work and head torch etc if dark still and charging it and other faff.

I just hate buses and trains are very meh atm. Otherwise it would be gone.

I did look into this a couple of years back. It was £5 each way as they didn’t offer a return ticket! Says it all.

On account of being relatively new, I think Milton Keynes balances this fairly well. The red routes allow pedestrians, cyclists, delivery robots etc to be kept clear of busy roads and this means that you don’t feel endangered on foot or constrained as a driver.

I do feel that it’s one of the places in the UK that could really make light rail work; each local centre could be joined up with the lines feeding to the centre. Such is the low density of the place, it’s not like you’d have to have to knock much/anything down to build the lines. Obviously, as every infrastructure project in the UK now costs more than the Apollo program and takes 30 years, it’ll never happen.


Yes indeed.
Even I know where in Hove to pay for Brighton parking fines.
And in Hove there aren’t parking places either, if you want to pay your fine.
Cunts :unamused:

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When we there last year, we had no issue with getting around. We booked a hotel which used a multi-story carpark (which had EV chargers), managed to drop off/pick up OK.
No drama.
Only having to watch out for Delivery vans and Taxis in The Lanes was a good thing.

Moped,maybe get a trailer for visitors


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Most multi story car parks in Brighton central area are £6 an hour during the day.

Or £30 for 24 hours. We stayed for 3 nights and were only charged £30.

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You were staying in a hotel, day visitors experience of Brighton is not good.

Public transport is good though, when I lived and worked in the city I went 7 years without owning a car at all

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Don’t Waitrose deliver :grin:

What do you think?

If you’re breathing on your own and your heart is beating but you still, for whatever reason, need to be in an A&E department then you’d better have a car if you’d like to be picked up for the blue light trip inside a day or two. (To be fair, the last time I went to A&E in a car it was a taxi as both Mrs VB and I had had a few glasses of plonk. All worked out fine until I came to pay, then my hand bled copiously over his wipe-clean upholstery !)

Pretty much what one of the ambulance drivers parked up outside said to me a year ago when Mrs P had chest pains. Did the right thing bringing her in myself and not waiting for an ambulance. When I rang 999 they couldn’t even give me an ETA.
There seems to be a shortage of taxi drivers down here at the moment too.

Lack of transport links down here and most of the industry being on the outskirts of the city mean a car is a must for most.

When I was in the bus collision last July the bystanders flagged down a passing ambulance. Turns out they were on ‘driver training’ so the back of the vehicle was completely empty - no trolleys, no drugs or splints etc, no test gear. They weren’t even insured to carry non-staff passengers.

The woman in charge was a proper paramedic and she was excellent given that all she had to work with was a first aid kit. She said she’d try and call another vehicle, but since all I had at that time was a) a 10 minute spell of being ‘dazed and confused’ and b) an obviously broken wrist, she asked if I had family nearby who might drive me to A&E.

We called Mrs VB who turned up at the same time as the real ambulance. They took me to hospital deliberately, I think, not joining the line of parked ones with patients in when they got there. Mrs VB took my bike home.

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Fuck that! jeezuz, daylight robbery. Any park and rides in Brighton?

Yes but its quite a long bus ride.

When we visit for a day we just accept the NCP parking charges.

Scroll Up

A proper Park and Ride would have a direct ride to the City centre, not stick you on the regular stop everywhere bus service

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Scrolling up is a thing? :slight_smile:

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Not for everyone :grinning:

High ground unavailable :grin: