Analogue sale

Im having a bit of a clear out, and as a consequence selling a number of items. PM me if of interest?

Lenco B51 TT in custom slate plinth £575
Lenco spares (motor/idlers/Nigel speed controller)
DIY Schroeder arm 12" £500 (Some sort of deal if arm and TT bought together)
Thomas Schick 12" tonearm £900
Ortofon SPU Royal GM Mk2 £950 (5m warranty left and <300hrs)
Miyajima Zero (0.7mm) plus (matching) Miyajima Mono SUT £1700
A number of headshells (Schick, Uwe etc)

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Nice kit, but should be in the Tat Bazaar, and better to put some prices on things / bundle :+1: