Anonymising a CV

Probably a dumb question but I have never submitted an anonymous CV. What details exactly should be left out. Basically everything personal? Name, age, address, contact details? How about what dates I worked where. Surely anyone can work out someones age from this.

Even if you left the dayes out you would still probably have to put in the number of years you worked somewhere. Tis easy to add stuff up.

I’m not bothered what they work out but it says that all CVs that are not submitted anonymously will be rejected so I want to be sure I don’t put anything on there that conflicts with this.

Just take personal details off. Dates and stuff should be okay.

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Last time I sent one out was around 12 years. Even updating it is painful :grinning:

Just had to redo mine. But I usually update it every year.

I think it is becoming law in Fance and the our government want to bring it in. I think it is more race/gender equality than age. Very difficult to get around age on a cv.

God, I think I might just be agreeing with Bumtell :tired_face:

Anonymising is all about removing clues to race and gender and attracting the best talent.

There was an exercise done at MIT a few years ago. Purely on results, qualifications and the application, they would have had a 65% racial minority intake with a lot of asian women.
When they put names on the applications it was 65% white and male.

Confuzz’d How does the employer kindly instruct of imminent fail?

Don’t mention hifi or you will be rumbled