Another 10,000 posts of your dinner

I hate pretty much everything the big〽️sell (with the exception of a cheeky double sausage & egg McMuffin once in a while😋), but after seeing this on telly t’other day I was intrigued to the point that when I saw it on offer for £1.49 in Aldi I thought what the heck, worth a punt?
I’m stunned that it’s even vaguely edible, but with the addition of some funky lettuce & sliced mini San marzano tom’s it was actually surprisingly palatable! :scream_cat:
Not something I plan on making a regular addition to my diet, but as summat to keep in the freezer as an emergency snack it’s a no brainer. :wink:

Pork with red and green peppers, Scotch bonnet chillies, onion and mushrooms with black bean sauce and long grain rice.

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Chicken and sautéed onion baguette with salt and vinegar chipsticks.
Beige jokes will be ignored.


The absence of colour is no laughing matter.


Homemade flatbread, minted lamb kebabs (BBQ’d), homemade hummus, hm raita, hm pickled onion, shredded cabbage, Sriracha, and coriander…


Sweet chilli pork with noodles.
Was bloody delicious, even by my Michelin Star standards.:wink:


Döner kebab wrap on Riya’s garlic 'n coriander naan bread.

Bed of shredded tender heart cabbage, Romaine lettuce, quarter sliced & separated red onion + home made raita. Döner kebab meat, quarter sliced baby plum tomatoes, pickled cayenne peppers ‘n julienned cucumber. Freshly squeezed lemon juice drizzled over t’ kebab meat & sriracha naga chilli sauce.


Last nights dal with cauliflower and spinach masala.


Sea bream


Seekh kebab wrap.

Riya’s garlic 'n coriander naan, bed of shredded Romaine lettuce, tenderheart cabbage + quarter cut & separated red onion. Home made raita, 3 seekh kebabs, quarter cut baby plum toms, julienned cucumber, whole pickled cayenne peppers & sriracha naga chilli sauce.


Lamb burgers and onion rings.


Pork shoulder roast…



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There were some duck breasts, Jersey Royals and a bag of salad reduced to clear at Tesco today, so….

Spuds finished off in the duck fat :man_cook:
Total cost about £3.


Fancy posting salad in this thread. There’ll be veg next. What’s going on?

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It’s to balance out the duck fat so it’s healthy, if you don’t count the vinaigrette…

KFC Mini fillets & large fries with Thai naga sweet chilli dipping sauce zhuzhed up with some naga sriracha.

Home made side of quinoa & Bulgar wheat with edamame beans, sweet corn, mixed peppers, spinach, spring onions & chopped sun-dried tomatoes with a balsamic dressing.

KFC currently have an offer for their sharing box of 8 mini fillets fer only £6.99. Prefer their on the bone chicken, but still, quite a lot of take out chicken fer buttons.

£6.99 = buttons :exploding_head:

How the other half live.:roll_eyes:

My average meal costs are almost certainly way less than yours Paul. I generally batch cook for curries, chilli’s & stews & such. My Doner kebab t’other night came in at less than £2.50.

Are you really saying £6-99 is a lot for a double portion of take out chicken?? FFS!


It was meant to be a joke.