Any bridge players out there?

Any meat men out there who also play bridge?

I’m hoping to get back into it, but there are no clubs operating for the moment so looking at bridge games or online - does anyone have any recommendations or experiences to share?

I used to play 25 years ago, great game and I would have thought ideal for online during lockdown, I was. Rubbish at it but really enjoyed playing so would be interested t o see what you find

I played a lot when I was at school, even made it into the sixth form school team. It fizzled out when I left school and I haven’t played since; as that was 45 years ago I’m probably a bit rusty now ! I’d be interested to hear about online options.

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It’s changed so much. I remember reading a newspaper column where they described a competition auction to grand slam where they didn’t bid their preferred suit until the 7 level.

I’ve played a bit since being in the school team - and that’s a bit less than 45 years - but not for years.

I also played quite a bit at school and with family, then got back into the game when I was working away from home a few years ago. I read a couple of books by Andrew Robison, who did (does?) a very readable column in the Times, and joined a local club playing friendly bridge - ie not too serious in terms of level and attitude - and had a whale of a time.

I’ve tried a few bridge games/apps and some are ok in the play, but I’m finding them a bit simplistic in the areas of bidding and signalling. I suspect it’s a tougher problem to code into a game than chess (so many more permutations).

I’ll report progress…

Err Andrew Robson (bloody predictive text)

Years ago I played a lot of badminton and belonged to a club which had a tennis section, a badminton section and a bridge section. The badminton hall was obviously quite high so they built a bridge room above the changing rooms and bar/lounge,
I used to work behind the bar a couple of nights a week and the bridge room was in use 6-7 nights a week from beginners to County standard.
They normally played duplicate and the top players were like chess players.
In the bar afterwards not only could they remember how every hand was played, they could remember the bidding and suit distribution. I used to play to a beginners standard and was always in awe of their concentration and memory when I heard their conversations.