Any info on this cd player

Hi i have borrowed a cd player with the option of buying it , from emporium, its an Audio devices cyc cd player dac , theres no info out there on web any ideas ? It appears beautiful but it is outputting low for a cd player , the generic remote is missing , theres an arcam in its place that starts stops forward back , but maybe the origial had an output level setting on it and its set low , theres also a toggle on the rear not sure what it for and 2 inputs one for cd one i presume is dac as theres no output connecting it to my pre , any ideas


Are the other two inputs for fixed,and the ones you are in are variable,maybe the toggle changes for which outputs you are using

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Plugged them in no sound toggle moved to both setting , plugged into other sockets sound toggle on both settings no chsnge .

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In the eye of , answers on a postcard , nothing rude .

Maybe it’s an input to use it’s dac for external sky,dvd boxes etc

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yeh me thinks

But… But… It’s the AA! One must be rude! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Can’t remember what remotes work with arcam,but I’d look for one that has a volume control

List of cd players and what dac/transports they use. Can’t see it on there.

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oh yeh that worked i did hit volume button earlier but nothing this time bosh increases and decreases thanks stu

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Run - not Walk - screaming away from this.

Emporium have been trying to sell it for the past 4 years.

It goes out to people, and then… eventually… it’s quietly relisted.

apparently retail was 12,000 euro” - fuck RIGHT off!

“Audio Devices” is so moronically-generic a brand name as to be non-existant, “CYC” only shows-up as a brand on Chinesium audio tat on places like Ali Express.

This thing was either a prototype in a short-run from some backroom loon, or more likely, a short-lived lump of Chinesium. You need to be very handy with a soldering-iron to take summat like this on.

Two grand can get you something actually fucking good.


spot on mate thats what a like no mincing , so my next topic is whats out there at 1.5k max as i thought i would have had a chance of bagging it for that if its any good , it sounds good looks good but do i trust it no , am i wary fuck yes any probs further down road door wedge ,

Think I’d be worried paying £500,unless I knew someone who gave it a look over first to check they could work on it,and get parts for it.

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Any thoughts on the Audionote 3x thats up for 1200 ? or any other player , like the AN sound rich , valve sounding , type .


might have to get into that game , any one need milking .

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Tomorrow is Wednesday. Fun starts at 6:30am prompt.


pm for meet ups :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I agree wholeheartedly with this.

The one useful thing that I could say is that you appear to be using RCA/XLR converters when the player has an XLR output already. I would expect the RCA output to be 2V and the XLR to be 4V; this could be the issue with it being quiet.

But yes, screaming for the hills, on a turbo-charged quad bike, unless it’s comedy money for the looks when really you’re streaming all the time.

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