Any old Pics


Beat me to it!

The chap to the right of them is deciding the best way to start up a conversation with them.




That’s a belter of a photograph


Yep its a cracker, it just screams atmosphere and excitement.

Big Jay McNeely giving it some honk, LA in 1953.

Sadly passed away in September.


Altamont, CA on Dec. 6, 1969


Not exactly a nice thing to post photos of :frowning:


Convict blood running through him

One must forgive


It’s history innit :roll_eyes:


It’s ghoulish.


Then don’t look at it.


Altamont was the end the 60’s were always destined for.


It was as clear then as it is now that Hells Angels were not hippies or part of the peace and love movement. Perhaps a better finger could be pointed at Charles Manson. I’ve considered posting a gif but I won’t as he’s a terrible cunt that fucked up free love and or sex cults which I find deeply regrettable.


I meant more that the decade started on a high and degenerated into a true bummer. Vietnam, assassinations, the Manson murders/trial. And after Altamont the comedown, as Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, and Jim Morrison were all dead within a year and a half.


Bullet making in the Wirral,1945


The woman seated right of centre’s Craven A habit isn’t doing the decor any good.



I reckon Jim was the shift supervisor and that’s where he supervised from.


Come to think of it neither the Craven A’s nor Jim can explain the staining. They don’t allow other flammables into bullet factories.



It’ll be lubricant fluid from the lathe.