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Benjamin’, the last known surviving Tasmanian Tiger. When he died in 1936, the species became extinct.



Caption said 1963 making Bowie 16 at the time.


This is worth a watch.


Apparently both sexes had a marsupial pouch. The male’s covered its genitals, protecting them as it ran through thick undergrowth. Smart.



Dali book signing 1963



I am usually disparaging about Tasmania in general and Tasmanians in particular. However, there is a terrifying sub-species of snaggle-toothed, heavily be-mulleted, low of brow but high of scent, metho-gargling Tasmanian that hunts for the Thylacine and/or claims to have seen one in the last few years. Words can not describe the abject horror of being trapped in a pub by such low-life creatures.


Haha, I know a Tasmanian. He ended up marrying a girl I really fancied at Uni and this describes him perfectly.


They are a breed apart all right. This ‘joke’ sums the place up for me:

What has 160 legs and three teeth? The front row of the theatre in Hobart.


Hobart has a theatre?


Exotic dancers I believe, but I was too terrified to check it out.


As far as I’m aware I’ve only ever known one at all closely. This guy. He was in the same research group as me, starting his doctorate a couple of years before I started mine. He was among the smartest and hardest-working people I’ve ever met. Very, very focused though, so it didn’t do to get in his way. No matter who you were. (I was far too insignificant ever to get in his way).



Ugh, a VC guy. There are bigger sharks off the coast of Tassie, but probably none as ferocious.



How to deal with Brownies


It’s nippy !



Dead Head House


Channel one, some point in the 80’s


Critically poised

Label stable