Any old Pics


Knebworth 1976


Not an old pic but an amazing photograph of a classic




Amazing indeed, almost looks like a Commando book cover, but better.


The photographer was in a plane flown by another spitfire pilot who managed to get him to within 15ft to take a series of images of some of the last remaining spitfires still flying.

Very dynamic images and pin sharp as well.





Quincy and Sara V

President Johnson listening to briefing tapes from Vietnam


Preventing frost at spurs,1925


Ali vs. Frazier, 1971.


Wally Grout was a excellent wicketkeeper, a thorough gentleman with an excellent sense of humour, and an extremely popular personality. He also has a urinal named after him at SCG.


:joy: Grout’s spout IIRC…I thought that was a joke. I didn’t realise it was official.


Yep. There’s a 1" x 2" brass plaque.


Richie Benaud - Edgbaston 1961


Is the batsman Fred Trueman?


I don’t recall ever seeing it but in my defence, I was rarely even approaching sober at the SCG. I’ve only ever really attended day/night games there so you’re battered before you get there usually.


Absolutely :+1:


Big lad wasn’t he?

Actually, just googled 5’10" , so not that big.


A “Unit” in the Antipodean vernacular.


That moment of shame at the MCG in 1981.


No ball!