Any old Pics



I think this is Newcastle.


Was that before they took it down & put the smaller less elegant one in its place?


Is that a Mercedes truck?


I couldn’t possibly comment :grin:


Bridge shamers.





I think it’s somewhere warmer…


Runcorn :slight_smile:


Jerry Lewis, Adam West, Dick Shawn, Connie Stevens, Cesar Romero and Jane Wald on the set of “Batman” (1966)


Widnes/Runcorn transporter bridge:

Alongside the Silver Jubilee bridge that replaced it:

For a long time it was the longest single span steel arch suspension bridge in Europe.

And the old “new” Bridge with the new new bridge:



Middlesbrough transporter bridge.

And now



No one in Runcorn was ever that stylish. Edgy, yes, stylish, no.


I remember going over on the Runcorn/Widnes transporter when I was a kid. I also remember when my Dad convinced my Nan that we had to drive around the top arch of the new bridge the first time we approached it in my Dad’s car. She near shat herself! :laughing:


Me and my oldest mate Phil walked/clambered over the arch coming back from a chemically enhanced night out at The Cherry Tree pub in Runcorn in 1986. It was an amazingly clear night and the views were just stunning. Oh for a smartphone in those days to record the experience. There were rudimentary barriers, but they were no problem for a couple of coked up 16 year olds.

Halton council should run experiences at £20 a pop, it’s not dangerous at all, especially if you’re sober, and I’m sure there is the facility to clip on.




that is a stunning place - been 4 times, hols ×1 and work × 3. i helped host a cocktail party there with the British Council


Been twice. The last time walked for 2 hours to the far end, then over the top and further 2.5 hours back to the cravasse.

I would love to go again.


There’s a zebra crossing joke in there somewhere.