Any old Pics


This info has added more meat to Wednesday’s bone. Any woman who can make sense of that lot would find the Karmasutra a doddle - This truth combined with her driven ‘stuff and nonsense’ demeanor is just the mid week tonic I’d been hankering after…Ohhh Karen


… whereas my afternoon will now mostly be spent going through the colletion playing “spot the Tektronix 500 series 'scope”.:rofl:


AA summarised in two posts


It’s a nice set of pics. I like the one of @J_B running a cartridge alignment workshop.



Is that Graeme as a young man?


Before he transitted… .


Once upon a time I had more hair than that. But not when that pic was taken.

I believe she’s holding an early integrated circuit. The very first, and very, very prototype, IC was demonstrated a couple of weeks before I was born. My guess would be that that picture might have been taken while I was in primary school (1960’s).



Nah it’s just a button on her cardigan.


Anyone recognise the amp ? I’m guessing American. Mono. No sockets on the front, so not a guitar amp. Has been taken out of a cabinet. Looks like push-pull 6L6Gs with perhaps a 5U4GB rectifier ? Has a smoothing choke. Small-signal valves are miniature (B9A ?) so probably from the 50’s or early 60’s. Three of them are in screening cans suggesting multiple low-level inputs (mic ? mag cartridge ? tape head ?). The two left-hand controls are switches, the other four look like pots. It looks like all but the left-most of the knobs have lost their ‘brights’ (the shiny decorative metal discs in their centres).

The suggestion might be that the amp can be miniaturised down to the button-sized IC. But that’s a 20-25W amp and it’ll be a while before an IC can get near to that, and even then it’ll need a substantial heatsink.





Seems a shame to cut such a magnificent tree down. Hope they made good use of the timber.


Probably not, sadly. Sliced up into many planks for identikit American houses in anonymous suburbs, like all of the magnificent Douglas firs were.


Or maybe railway sleepers given the period by the looks of it.


More likely now that I think about it Allan.

That would acttually be a better use, the railroads opened up the plains and the west coast so we could have Westerns like High Noon and 3:10 to Yuma.


Don’t forget Blazing Saddles Rob


Me in my Dad’s old converted garage at Wingerworth quite along time ago!


No choccy in there Rob


Claire has threatened to exile me and all my crap into the garage so often, I daren’t show her that it’s actually possible…


Rogers speakers.