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A very special moment in the history of Adelaide’s link to Australia’s Own Car. The first prototype of the new Holden being driven on display for the GM-H staff outside plant 7 at Woodville in 1948.
For many years the subject of complete motor car manufacture had been under consideration by successive Australian Governments. L.J.Hartnett, managing director of GM-H pursued the idea which became known as the Australian Car project.
Proposals were made to Government by various vehicle manufacturers and GM-H presented their proposal to Parliament in March 1945 which was known as Project 2000. The first prototype was registered as a 1946 Chevrolet sedan in Victoria on 1 September 1947.
Prototype No.5 (registration number KY-442), which was used as a publicity vehicle and for the announcement of the car’s name as Holden, was first registered on 14 January,1948. This car was eventually released as the 48-215 [FX] on 2 November 1948.
Photo and info from State Library of SA



From the Martin Jenkinson Exhibition in the Weston Park Museum Sheffield

L1000162.jpg by Ben Bolton, on Flickr

L1000163.jpg by Ben Bolton, on Flickr
L1000165.jpg by Ben Bolton, on Flickr


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Billy The Kid


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Fulham at home.


Slightly lunatic man climbs up rock spire in Tasmania and then jumps off to grab nearby cliff face:

Slightly lunatic man then jumps off cliff face to land back on nearby rock spire in Tasmania:


Details here.


And people say glue is bad for you


Meh, he’s got a rope


Was it a rope or a bungee cord?


I couldn’t do that with a rope, safety net, bungee cord, parachute and two pairs extra absorbent underpants. You are clearly made of sterner stuff.

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Only because he’s forgotten his baseball cap.