Any old Pics


You’re braver than me. I reckon I’d struggle to even watch this film. The ballache (proximity to height) would be profound.


Watching that with son soon, hoping that it won’t make him into an extreme climbing lunatic


NO, just no.


Been there - and just looking up is enough, believe me!




Glasgow in 1980 by Raymond Depardon.

Interesting story to this. Depardon was commissioned by The Sunday Times to photograph the city but they were never used as they considered his photographs too bleak.




Before his eye injury in 1962


Just playing Ziggy through the new amps when I saw this pop up.



Audio Lab-Ya!'s cranial nano crystal canopy


A group of teenage girls form a band . . . of course notorious horndog Robert Plant is going to be at the album launch party.


He’s wearing a very contented smirk, for sure.


Wolves had won at home that weekend.





I’m OKish with heights if I’m on solid ground. Put me on a ladder or scaffolding and I’m shaking like a six year old at a midnight showing of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre


I don’t know what worries me more, falling over the edge, the roof of the cutting collapsing on top of me, or the state of the lorry.


Or the mouth of the giant that’s about to chew on the truck. :grinning:



I think I would just drive over the edge straight away and get the inevitable over with quickly :+1: