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Edinburgh 1942 - BIll Brandt


1981, Studio 54



Bran (Dracula) Castle 1929.


I did that a few years back, in my then Saab 9-3, very heavily-laden. I was somewhat the worse for wear, after a couple of weeks of festivals in Eastern Europe. It was totally mental. I had vertigo the whole way up, never made it past second gear. At one point I pulled off into one of the stops on the corners, got out of the car, and my legs were shaking. Then when I got to the top, finally, it felt like Nepal. Worth it, just about, but next time I’d do it on a bike. Hard to believe people take coaches up and down it!


I can wholeheartedly relate to your experience. There a couple of mountain roads near me with a single hairpin each and I feel uneasy going round them, what a series of Alpine switchbacks must be like I can only imagine. I was heading to that pass but only got as far as Interlaken.


It just goes on and on and on… and at each hairpin, you can’t really see if anything’s coming, so you don’t know if you’re suddenly going to have to deal with a bus, or whatever. And it’s so steep, so you constantly have this sense of being about to tumble off into the depths. When I planned it as my route home, I had this romantic vision of me sort of pootling up this lovely mountain road at a leisurely pace, gasping at all the beautiful scenery. When it came to it, it was a couple of hours of totally shitting myself and swearing, why the fuck did I put myself in this situation?!


I’m glad I didn’t make it now!


Soft cock :grin:


The trick is using first gear and the handbrake*.

*NB, I was in a rental :smirk:


Ha yeah, that was pretty much it, but fuck it got tedious by the time I reached the top.

In retrospect, and considering there were another two passes of similar magnitude, before I got past the main bulk of the mountains and into manageable Switzerland, that was probably the beginning of the end for that Saab…


I’ve just finished watching Free Solo - I can’t think of anything to say that can do it justice.


The grooms waiting outside the church at a 1910 mass wedding in Breton.


I only glance at this thread from time to time and don’t really take much notice but saw Free Solo come up. I’ve just googled it and discovered it’s not another Star Wars spin-off.
I am most disappoint :frowning_face:


It’s nothing to do with The Man From U.N.C.L.E. either.



You should watch it anyway.


I watched the trailer for that yesterday. I’m still recovering from the shock to my system.


Keith Moon outside Parkhead;


Scarier than any horror film I’ve ever seen - I’m getting sweaty palms just thinking about it again :grimacing:


My home town (Alcester, Warks.) 1901