Any old Pics


Went to school there.


Me too.



Also not nearly cadaverous enough looking or sporting women’s silk loungewear :smile:


Würzel version, although there’s not a whole lot of difference given that all four of Phil, Eddie, Lemmy and Würzel are dead :disappointed:


The five stages of AA membership


I’m at number 4. TBF, I have been for 30 years :+1:


Yep, me too :+1:


Sunday Meatscapes




Before Radiohead there was…


That is some stern bootlegging there from Ghettoblasterchest.


Clearly members of the AA…:smirk:


If that was brandy I’d be impressed.


Humphrey Bogart would have made a great Meatman…


Brexit Metaphor



Just bought this photo off Ebay from a shop in Italy. Picture of Frederick William Nichols making a violin in 1958. We live in his old house, his workshop was a tiny stone building out the front. Sadly this fell down in the seventies, you can see the outline on the gable end of next door.

Chuffed to have found this photo.


Have you got one of his violins? Or are they megabucks?



I don’t own one and have no idea on cost. I was searching to see what I could find out when I stumbled on the photo.

I doubt if they are very valuable.