Any old Pics


Organizer of the ‘psychedelic happening’ was Damon Albarn’s Dad.




bathing in Gin


Hot Dog stand New York 1963.

I think it may be a photograph by Evelyn Hofer but not 100% sure.



Mixed veg ?




Hippies not dirty enough.

The girl in the green and pink . . . fnar,fnar.

March of the soiled panty liners at around 5:35, LOL.


old and crusty


A nice day out for murcan gammon.


I want to like that photo, but unfortunately the ferris wheel hasn’t burst into an enormous conflagration.


Some twat has forgotten the blade on that bacon slicer. Mucho meh! KKKunts


Brendan Kelly


Spurs bovver boys
Guessing 72 or 73


18 year old Aretha during her first Columbia recording - Why she did her first recording in her grudz remains a mystery.


With legs that good, why wouldn’t you?


Some bits of the interweb seem to think that she’s in a dance studio and that’s the choreographer ‘Cholly’ Atkins with her. Maybe he’s training her to dance and sing at the same time, which would explain the mic stand with no mic in it ? The kit might be more appropriate for dance work, but still …




Original PIL line up,West London 1978.