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Coat maker, c 1944 Henry Poole & Co, Savile Row.

Shirt tucked into underpants with fly undone is a tradition that I have tried my best to maintain. Unfortunately, modern companies with their HR departments and women employees frown on this sort of thing.


Was there any particular logic behind dressing like that?




Busman’s holiday repairing your own clothes. Also, then it was a peasant’s trade, the lowest of the low do it, wages were pissed up a wall, or done by Friday evening at the bookie. If you worked your way up to the cutting room, you would get an attitude like a King. Those sewing tailors are to be manipulated, treated like shit, starved of work etc. This guy below has been through it and fucking hates everyone, the customers, the people sewing, everyone. He liked a codpiece though, which shows the trade went backwards before it went forwards! :grin:


Do you recall me asking you about whether tailors had a liveried company? It seems they do, established in 1327. What kind of people belong these days?


Used to deliver milk to this school,never thought of the name before;


It’s one of the great 12. It used to be that it and Skinners would switch between sixth and seventh place, so a judge decreed that they would swap sixth and seventh place each year. That’s where the phrase “at sixes and sevens” comes from


Not sure if any tailor belongs these days. The annual Tailors Benevolent Dinner is held at Merchant Taylor’s Hall in Thread Needle St every year and I think The Golden Shears (a competition for apprentices, which is an absolute fucking joke btw) is maybe sponsored by them. There are one or two knobs that like to wear chains of office to these sorts of events but I give all that a wide one, so wouldn’t know who is a member or not.


Used to periodically get an absolute spanking from them at hockey when I was at school. Far too many members of the England squad for the age bracket went there.


There is a Merchant Taylors private school in Scouseland.

p.s. used to love it when Wilmslow High (state school) would go there and beat the pants off them at rugby. I think their rugby master was Mr Mike Slemen. Had a chat with him and he rather pompously asked who we were (the school) as he didn’t know it. After they were spanked 37 - 3 I wandered over and reminded him who we were.


I’m guessing you know you’ve arrived when you give yourself a crown and hang with Steveee Seagul



It is an absolute sausage factory. We went there expecting great things and were horrified at the hothouse that they described to us. Suffice to say the kids went elsewhere. I’m all for attaining excellence but not at the cost of a rounded education and balanced kids who can become balanced adults with a bit of luck.


I really like this - Govanhill Glasgow early 70’s - no image credit unfortunately


Forth road bridge and Edinburgh.

  1. Model of the B-25 bomber for the wind tunnel


Frank Dernie, Frank Williams and Alan Jones.


Mansell, Dernie, Piquet.


@f1eng didn’t look one bit different on Sunday :grinning: