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The Star Ship - Problems with fellatio and turbulence.



The face of a man who comprehends coke and orgasms are a frustration.

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“Cockpit”. Ayyyyyy.


Stones en France

Bollox I’m going out

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Floored by melon?

Unless there is a magician about where did bugs come from?

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Christmas day in a London underground shelter 1940;


Both of my parents did that. The following year they were evacuated.


My Dad did that, but Mum isn’t old enough to remember it


My folks would’ve been 6 and 7 so they always remembered it.


Mayfair 1940;


This is not the ‘White Christmas’ I was dreaming of…


Must admit I didn’t realise the term “audiophilia” dated back quite that far…


My home town.


Somebody’s day about to be made


Has he borrowed those shorts and legs from @Jim? Socks 'n sandals fail though…


This is a map of exploded devices dropped on Chingford, NE London during WWII. In the bottom left quarter can be found Tufton Road where my father’s family lived at No 32. The red dot between Albert and Frankland Rd represents a bomb dropped on 19/3/41 that killed (I think) 8 people including my grandfather and uncle and wrecked several properties. My dad was 14.

He and his father and brother had been waiting outside the property to go down to the communal shelter at the end of the road. The air raid warnings had sounded late apparently and they were watching the planes overhead, it was dusk. His father asked him to go and hurry his mother up, she had gone back inside the house because she had forgotten a hair brush. He stepped inside the hall, called to her upstairs and that is when it happened.

He once told me that sometime before, he’d found a mysterious hole in the lawn behind the house. He had poked several things down it but couldn’t find the bottom.

The day after the bomb wrecked the house, he had been trying to rescue stuff from the property when he saw that the lawn had a dirty great crater in the middle of it. He surmised that the shock of the bomb in the road to the front, had detonated a bit of ordnance that had buried itself way under the lawn. Good job the broomstick he had been poking about in there with, didn’t find bottom! He’d probably cheated death twice…

Anyway, it’s amazing what you can find on the internet!


Just found this,was it the same site?


I found that too. No, it was actually a facebook page that has pictures of a book called Chingford At War. I have since found a copy and ordered.


I never realised that basically every area in the M25 got hit,always thought it was more central London.


Amazing that Britain didn’t crack in the blitz. I think that part of Chingford got it because of the reservoirs being built to the west and the small arms factories at Enfield and Waltham Abbey. They were quite used to seeing the planes apparently as an approach from the north east of London was often used by the Luftwaffe.


Certainly got their fair share of V1s and V2s!

Lived in Rotherhithe for 5 years in the late 90s/00s, near the docks - only a small handful of pre-1940 buildings still standing and still a fair few small “parks” with mounds in their middle - bomb-sites which lay derelict until the 70s and 80s creeping gentrification started and they were tidied-up.

Keep your eyes open visiting the Museum quarter in London - Exhibition Road still has bomb-splinter scars on all the stone buildings, left as an informal memorial.


Even Codicote, where I grew up did.
We played in bomb craters around the village.