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RIP Shigeko Kubota

(Kubota’s performance at the Perpetual Fluxus festival in 1965)


I like balancing on small logs too, though that is a fine art


Can I call you Twiggy?


Call him anything you like except late for breakfast.


Here are a few pictures of The Cutteslowe Wall in North Oxford. It was built in 1934 to separate the newly built Council houses on the Cutteslowe estate from new private homes. The Developer of the private homes was concerned they would not sell if the “slum” dwellers were going to be neighbours, so a wall, topped with spiked razor wire was built separate them. (There were in fact 2 walls on the 2 roads that linked the areas.) Following relentless protests by local residents and councilors they were finally demolished in 1959. When I moved to Oxford over 10 years ago, we lived on the road, approx. 100m from the division.

You can see a steam traction engine in this picture.


A blue plaque now marks the location.

The good old days…:frowning:






Wow, I had no idea that sort of thing happened!


Unfortunately not a rare event. I can think of at least another two instances.

One near Bromley on the outskirts of South London. Again a new council estate to house the riff raff from the London slums in the 1930s. My father and his family moved into a new council house in 1936 when my father was 6 or so. They were moved out from the East End. Near where he and his pals played was a large 8 foot brick wall right across a road that previously was open to traffic, foot and vehicle.

It’s been demolished now but I think it took till after the war to get it down.


Is fairly standard now to have two entrances in London developments where there is part social housing


Don’t worry, the Maybot’s hugely successful “social immobility” policy will ensure that they soon return.


On the good side or the slum side?


Good side, natch.


Sydney, 1858.


Fuck off, 1958 more like :smile:


That’s great. No Strayans in sight :+1:





Stronzetto before the op?