Any old Pics


Cousin Greg, he makes no apologies.


Westway A40 being built 1968


My Dad took us on holiday to that caravan site, one of the better ones…


It was my Dad’s 80th on Friday so the old photos came out, as you do, but hadn’t seen this one of my mum, dad and grandparents. There were some great photos dug out.

I love old black and white pics so much - so evocative.


Is that Grenfell tower on the left?


Pretty sure it would be on the right, but further back


If that’s looking west it’d be on the South side of the A40 .


Wasn’t built 'til the mid 70s.


Ah. :+1:


Think it is looking into London as the train track is on the right,could be wrong though


Yes looking at the map again Grenfell would be directly to the right of where this pic was taken (had it been built by then!) Was just trying to work out where it was.


The shadows of the pillars in the mid-foreground say the sun (south) is to the right. So we’re looking east-ish i.e. into town. Unless the picture’s ever been flipped left-right of course.



I’d say a bit south of Notting Hill. On my phone so struggling to see that well



I think the pic would have been taken from a tower block called Whitstable House which should’ve been completed by then & which is still there now.


Place de la Concorde 1928 by André Kertész


La Rambla, Barcelona C1950


Herbert von Karajan


How did he afford that on a conductors salary.


Deployed to see off further bus-related japes.