Any old Pics


Not sure that will work




As it’s Up Helly A season, here’s a video from 1927

Some of the costumes in the parade are worth watching for


Are you heading out ot see it Paul - if so, we need pictures and lots of them :+1:


Sadly not. I can’t drive due to vertigo :frowning_face:


Nothing helping Paul ? Can’t imagine how your feeling mate must be a nightmare.


Love this guys work.
Bever, Skinningrove, North Yorkshire, 1980, Chris Killip,


Moderators of the past… Circa 1950: London Underground rat-catchers with net and ferrets.


Chiswick roundabout pre flyover,1957;



The year I was born


And the Hammersmith flyover construction,1961;

and today;


I see the Doctor has misjudged his landing and missed the refuelling area…


Wardour st 1970


A doorway like that isn’t complete unless Ian Dury’s standing next to it.


Or a young Ozzy oi oi


The Whiskey A-go-go was a top R&B club in the 60’s and changed it’s name to the Wag in the 80’s at some point (Now closed) - A youthful Mr. MWS was once frogmarched out for making advances towards Wendy James (Transvision vamp) Seemingly his fail streak has been a long one… Fuck you Wendy James.


Not these days, I’m afraid.




I stand by the fuck you - she still looks like this in the mind garden, minus the bouncers and mildly bruised coccyx.


Jenny Agutter?


My wank bank (working class version of Mind Garden) image is possibly more obvious: