Any old Pics


Indeed,always impressed at how well tradesmen use to dress,mobile knife sharpener 1900s


When PPE was a flat cap and donkey jacket!


Good to see that 55 years on, it’s all paid for & tolls are a thing of the past. Oh!


False sideburns, for the 60’s man about town who’s workaday life didn’t permit facial hair.


A knocker-up (sometimes known as a knocker-upper) was a profession in Ireland that started during and lasted well into the Industrial Revolution and at least as late as the 1920s before alarm clocks were affordable or reliable.


My gran lived in Oldham, a mill town, all her life, and she remembered the Knocker-Upper. If he knocked on the wrong window, he risked a pot being emptied over him.


1.2 million $ Bonsai


To be fair, that’s probably 20 years work there.


Far too much for Brussel Sprouts :roll_eyes:


I suspect it’s a hell of a lot more than that. I could well believe it’s 100+ years old.


You could well be right, I bought something that looked like a stringy broccoli once, it was allegedly 5 years old and cost the best part of a ton.

Naturally it died/we killed it within weeks of arrival :rage:


Most of which will have been spent training the branches so that the resulting foliage resembles the Buddha’s motorcycle helmet



HG Wells in the middle, my Grandfather on the left. Guessing c.1930 - looks like they’re off to the races. DK who the guy on the right is.


Brick Lane,1980s


Fuck, can you imagine the response to that these days? :scream:


Half of London would be on Lock-Down :roll_eyes:


I was going to post this when I saw that pic…

1980’s copper would give him a clip round the ear for being a cheeky cunt
2018 kid would be tasered by 30x coppers and then taken into care by social services

…but thought it may be frowned upon, too used to the fruitloop responses on pfm.


Distinct lack of snowflakes over here Chris, despite some crossover membership, you should know that by now. Who did you call a cunt, btw?


I know, ciggie advertising is completely verboten these days.


some bloke Michael P, he was being a bellend, didn’t call him a cunt just a fuckwit and a few other terms.

It was on the F1 pit girls thread which attracted all the fuckwits to declare they should be banned and when I challenged them over the fact they are declaring what women can or can’t do being wrong got a lot of responses like “anyone with a daughter would want this objectification of women banned” blah blah blah