Any old Pics


Saw some of your posts on there, pretty much agreed with them. Virtue signalling is a disease on there sometimes.


Nice exhibition of photos.


It happens everywhere these days. Including here. Most are unaware that they do it.


The winning photo is just beautiful on so many levels…


Fantastic photograph and story


I used to live about 800 metres from that pub in whitechapel


Very much my local beat for the last 10 years. I love it here, for better or worse.


Yep great photo, they’re all rather good.


I liked this one. Even those then new tower blocks were gone by 2000.


Reminds me a bit of the Led Zep IV cover.


Quite interesting to try to find what these places look like now from streetview.






Nice to see some of it is still standing


I used to work in several of the ugly-ass buildings on the right


The canal, just to the left of that rather neglected pub is a nice hang-out in the summer months.
Going north, there’s a fantastic pub called The Palm Tree, piano and sing-a-longs, proper old East End boozer.


When I lived in Bow (early 90s) The Palm Tree was definitely not a pub to go to. Mind you, most of the pubs in Bow were no-go places then


Indeed-nothing stays the same for long!


True dat