Any old Pics


This one’s interesting. The 60’s tower block stood on what now look like hockey/5 a side pitches but some of the buildings in the distance on Commercial Road are still there.


Don’t know if this will work …


One for Sodder’s fap folder: Women’s figure skating from the 1924 Winter Olympics.



Might be a judge’s enquiry as to allowing the middle ‘lady’ to compete. :grinning:


I think you might be better off getting a vet to have a shufti at what exactly is under the bonnet there.


There appears to be a little posturing between the two gentlemen in the foreground, one somewhat assertive and the other a trifle defensive. The third hasn’t got a fuck to give.
Worthy of a caption.



FFS ! I didn’t tell him he could come on site without a hat, so, it must have been you !


You bloody well tell him to get his hair cut!


I don’t care if he looks like James Hunt he still can’t drive the tipper.




Step away from the crack pipe :roll_eyes:


I’m embarrassed to report that I couldn’t think of a caption. Must try harder.


Looks suspiciously like Grayson Perry.

Banged worse :ok_hand:


A woman having her portrait taken,Warsaw,1946






Bazalgette family tree?


Cover art for the new Anunnaki EP ‘The Chelaship’. Models wearing the new Lopwell range of cloaks and Doppelgänger beards available soon in XXXXXXXL or Lardburger sizes for the more discerning butchers.


Want :heart_eyes:


if the weather is like last year, you’ll also need one ! :stuck_out_tongue: