Any old Pics


Not if it doesn’t come with a matching comedy beard I won’t. :rage: What kind of rubbish are you peddling there @Jim? The colour is a bit 2016 too :face_with_raised_eyebrow:.


Makes it easier for the search teams to find remains in the woods though.


  • Adds “shallow grave shovel” to To-bring List :+1:


There is a prototype underdevelopment for just such instances.

Rumours that it doesn’t respond well to being streched by the larger boned gentlemen are exaggerated, although there is a clear warning on the label against exposure to ‘excessive moistness’ due to the risk of electrocution. Moar foo is clearly required.


Lopwell is all about sequins and glitter this year


I best get started growing my hair


Which one? :thinking:


Kings Road Chelsea 1960’s.


Glad you didn’t choose the aftermath picture when she suddenly turned around and eviscerated 6 of those lads with her Minuteman-nips… Messy… Local A&E looked like a scene from a Faroese whaling hunt . . .


She has deformed breasts…:innocent:


pointy tits :heart_eyes:


And in the same direction. :heart_eyes:


As a young lad me and 'mates would accidentally bump into ladies wearing such apparel, the sight of an inverted tit and a pointy one on the same female made us larf. We’d also keep score, John Lewis in Manchester was the best spec.


Petticoat lane 1981


Foreground - pointy tits.
Background - contestants in the 1st Freddy From Scooby-Doo Lookalike Contest.



Grab your special moments anyway you can. :+1:


Elvis Presley giving Johnny Cash a haircut - 1960



Not a bad return for £7.00…Spalding eh, maybe needs some new Hifi (Paul)