Any old Pics




The fruit of the mind garden is indeed plentiful and wondrous tonight…


Auto erotic collages fend off many ills.


I’ve got this picture somewhere, looks old but it’s really colour and advert for a US radio station with the name painted on her tits.

Fantastic arse






Just as valid now as it was then


A feast is when there is a choice,

Gluttony is a sin


Forth Road Bridge construction - fuck walking on that :flushed:





I would guess from the pic that beam is maybe 15’-18" wide, so not such a big deal really. The height issue is moot. A fall of 30’ would probably kill you (unless you landed on the water - which itself presents other issues) so what does the extra 200’ bring to the party?

As my old boss used to say, get up there and get the job done, the height is matterless, it’s only the last six inches that are a problem.

H & S? Pah


Nothing would get me on anything like that.




Ditto. I’m aware the fear is largely irrational, but I discovered it aged 8 after climbing about 30’ up the castle ruins in my home town. I actually pissed myself. It wasn’t a good day. I’m still ashamed of it. Nope.



Every time I climb somewhere really high I have the irrational urge to jump.

Used to go climbing on the Zugspitze and there’s a piece which is pegs in the rock and a metal cable and when at the top all I wanted to do was jump.

Completely bonkers but I used to love skydiving as well.


Extra spread.


Preparing you for your life now.


Anything over 6 ft is to high